The Three Evenings

Photographs taken from my house on three consecutive evenings..

Day 1 - the flowering trees are in full bloom and the gulmohars have burnt their reds into the clouds above..

Day 2 gets real surreal .. as the eastern horizon suddenly turns overcast.. and strong winds and rain abruptly break loose from their chains. { A friend said the saturday (day 2) pics looks like the clouds have been pasted using an imaging software like adobe photoshop .. they are real .. u can trust that ... as i explained ... the ambience was surreal that evening when the rains hit suddenly ... precisely the reason why i took the photographs }

and on day 3 .. the sky is prismatic .. literally ..


**** Friday - Marmalade Skies ****

**** Saturday - Surreal ****


**** Sunday - Serene ****

Jefferson Airplane Won't You Try / Saturday Afternoon Lyrics.



  1. meowww

    I like.Day 2 is definitely surreal.Great colours in some pics there.

    The fiery tree looks awesome too :D

  2. Saturday Surreal the backyard against incoming stormy sky . . . is fabulous work ! What kind of camera are you using ?

    sharing the light,
    Miss Erica Hidvegi, the Enlightenment Advisor,B.A. Ursuline College Psychology (specialization in Child Development & Abnormal Psych), M.A.Atlantic University-Transpersonal Psychology Studies Counseling/ Author, Artist, Photographer, Entrepreneur and Freelance extraordinaire

  3. I think I see a jerfferson airplane in the last photo.

  4. Damu pa kmu to?.. Nano ni klase blog man?